Flexi Gift Voucher $100

  • Product code: $100 Voucher
Flexible gift voucher to be given as a gift to loved ones and friends. Our objective is to give you the best possible views and experience of a flight and we choose one of our many launch sites depending on the wind direction on the day. An experience meant to be fun and interesting greets you with fantastic views at sunrise whilst participating in the ancient sport of floating in the wind. This is a Peaceful Adventure and one you will never forget. Balloon flights are not about adrenaline, quite the contrary, this is a peaceful activity that never ceases to surprise by its gentleness. Balloon flights are about contemplating, about understanding that you ARE the wind...yes, for the hour you will be in the air you just float, quietly and at the same speed as the wind is moving. At height this could be 50 km per hour or more...but some days it is just a few kilometers per hour...it all completely depends on the weather. Flights are always at dawn and we meet just over an hour before sunrise.